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Classic Wedding Car Decorating Tips

Decorating wedding cars and the bridal “getaway car” is a great way to add individual colour and personality to the wedding day. Wedding cars form an integral part of the modern wedding and there is scope for groomsmen, bridesmaids, family, friends, and the couple to decorate the cars in whichever way they choose. .

Don’t overly stress about there being a correct way to decorate - there isn’t really and it’s the couple’s day - so they can express themselves how they want but here are some simple guidelines that probably should be followed.

Plan the wedding car decoration

Before you do anything, it’s a good idea to check if the wedding car hire company allows you to decorate the cars. In most instances , you’ll be good to go, but there may be some companies who are reluctant. Check first - it may save you a lot of hassles.

There are some wedding car hire companies that will insist upon you purchasing a decoration deal from them - this of course will limit your creativity, so it's best to check this out beforehand.

Similarly, if you are borrowing a car for the big day, you’d be best to ask before planning your car decoration.

Once you’ve got the logistics sorted, you’ll need to consider what colors you’re going to use. Wedding parties usually use between 2 and 5 colours at the most .The colour theme is woven into everything, so you’ll need to ensure the colours are in keeping with the theme. If in doubt at all, white is a fail safe fall back position.

As well as the colours, it’s a good idea to see if you can work in with a theme. A common theme we often see at Melbourne Classic Car Rentals is a rock and roll or sixties theme - the perfect theme to hire a mustang, corvette or camaro with.

The make of vehicle can help you to plan your decorations, For example, the classic 280 SE Mercedes lends itself to a classic traditional look, while you might want to be a little more adventurous with a Special Edition Mustang.

HOT TIP - Check the weather forecast

Whatever decorations you choose to go with may have to withstand inclement weather. This may take some planning, particularly when you take into consideration where the vehicles will be parked. If they are likely to be standing on wet, muddy ground, you may need to steer away from the whte ribbons and such.

Placing and Securing the Ribbons

Ribbons are one of the finishing touches that make wedding cars “bridal.” Here’s the lowdown on how to use ribbons on your wedding hire car.

  • For a classic modern look, run two pieces of thick ribbon across the front of the bonnet. The fabric pieces should be long enough to reach from the front bonnet of the car to the rear of the roof. The ribbons can be secured to the latch under the bonnet or with mounting putty . Try not to use tape as it may damage the vehicle’s paint job.

  • Secure the other end of the ribbons by extending them in a diagonal V shape towards the rear view mirrors on each side of the vehicle and secure them either using the windows or by tying them to the rear view mirrors.

  • You can create a traditional ribbon trail for the getaway vehicle by tying bundles of ribbons onto the rear bumper bar. Simply cut several pieces of ribbon to varying lengths between 60cm and 90cm and tie them so they hang from the rear bumper. About 20 separate ribbons will give you a small trail, but for a dense ribbon trail you may need 50 ribbons. You may have to secure the ribbon trail by shutting one end in the boot. Don;t hide the number plate though

  • Some people like to go the extra yards and use tulle to add an extra decorative touch to the car. Tulle can be draped on the hood, and secured in much the same way as you secure the ribbon.

  • For an added splash of colour, you can tie streamers and ribbons to the car's antenna. Get funky with the ribbon and try different sizes, colors and fabrics for a great look. Just make sure that you keep the length of the ribbons and streamers down to a couple of feet (60 cms) to ensure that they don't get caught on anything.

When the time comes to plan your wedding car hire, feel free to contact us for the best classic car rental available in Melbourne.


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