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Experience the classic feel of one of the world's most iconic  automobile brands. The 1968 Mercedes SE was years ahead of its time for safety and style.

1968 Mercedes SE

The body shape and grille of this classic Mercedes makes it instantly recognisable as one of the great automobiles of its era. The various 280SE models of the late 60s and early 70s are still admired and

highly valued by collectors, and you'll understand why as soon as you go for a drive in one.


While the  simple, square lines weren't regarded as particularly attractive back in the 70s, they're largely responsible for what has become a signature, timeless Mercedes profile. That profile still speaks of elegance, class, comfort  and status. A profile that is backed by performance and comfort years ahead of its time.


Boasting an inline straight six 2.8 Litre motor the SE Mercedes was advertised as having a top speed of 193 KPH with an ability to go from zero to 100 Kph in 10.6 seconds. Mercedes models at the time varied in motor size up to 3,5 Litres but the 2.8 Litre 280 SE proved to be the most popular and was in production up until 1972.


There are few car marques that can boast the aura, history and status of Mercedes Benz which was truly one of the pioneers of Motor transport and have built a prestigious reputation for quality and excellence. . Mercedes-Benz has been at the forefront of many innovative  technological and safety advances that would later become standard fittings in other vehicles. Mercedes-Benz was way ahead of its time in many areas and its reputation as one of the best automotive brands in the world is well earned.  

We rent out this beautifully-maintained car on a daily basis. It's perfect for weddings, formals, and other special occasions and the ideal vehicle to take on a weekend tour to add that touch of elegance and class to any occasion.

From $275 per day

Great discounts for multiple day hire
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