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You'll find it hard to top this Special Edition '68 Mustang, a truly classic Californian coupe ideal for road trips and events.

1968 GT Special Edition Ford Mustang                      
(302 V8. Automa
tic. No power steering, original old style drum brakes)

Hire a classic car with attitude! The 1968 Mustang Special is a rare special edition model specifically designed for dealers on the West Coast of America. The model combined elements of the Mustang GT with GT 350/500 parts and was based on the 1967 Mustang show car hardtop called 'Little Red'.


Little Red was a purpose-built show car that accentuated the powerful, appealing lines of the Mustang and made the car look a cut above most of its competitors. It also featured a powerful supercharged 428 C6 engine.  Special edition Mustangs were produced by companies like Shelby America in response to Ford’s desire to protect its market share against competitors such as the Camaro, Firebird and Javelin. 


Shelby’s prototype was “borrowed” by Ford, and the design was released as a California-only model. Just 4235 of these cars rolled off the San Jose production line, making the car a rare beast indeed. 


The 1968 Special Edition Mustang features were cosmetic only and did not include the powerful motor of the original little red prototype. These cosmetic features included Shelby tail lights and rear end, grill-mounted fog lights, mid-body striping, side scoops, louvred hood and rear quarter panels. The result was a car that even today has an aura of American class and power. 


As a limited edition, these Mustangs are considered to be very desirable by classic car collectors and make a wonderful special occasion vehicle. Lovingly maintained and cared for, the vehicle looks as if it has just rolled off a California showroom floor. You need to drive a car like this at least once in your life.


When you hire this classic car, you get the full experience. Walk around the vehicle and appreciate its sense of majesty and power. Open the door and soak in the classic car craftsmanship.  Then switch on the ignition and feel the power of a true blue American muscle car.


You won't be surprised to know that this is one of our most popular cars, so don't miss out: go to our booking page or give us a call right now to arrange your special '68 Mustang experience.

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