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About Melbourne Classic Car Rentals

Car enthusiasts love our self-drive classic car hire as they get to experience the joy and magic of driving truly classic cars.


There's something almost mystical about driving a classic car, handcrafted in the days before computer programming and sealed engines. Drivers get a sense of oneness with the vehicle and a car journey in a classic car becomes a destination in itself.


Classic Car Rental gives everybody the chance to enjoy these wonderful exotic vehicles. Who wouldn't want to drive a classic Mustang, Chevrolet Camaro, or other 60's icon?


The idea started in the UK in the late nineties, spreading to Europe and North America and eventually to Australia. The reason for its popularity is that it enables enthusiasts to drive the car of their dreams in a cost-effective way.


If you love classic cars then self-drive is an inexpensive and practical way of having the fun without the cost and maintenance. 

​Booking with Melbourne Classic Car Rentals means that you're dealing with a fully licensed and insured professional family business with a proven track record of excellence.​

We own our own cars which are lovingly restored and maintained, ensuring that you're hiring vehicles that are as reliable as possible. 


Melbourne Classic Car Rentals services Melbourne and surrounding suburbs.
Booking by appointment only. Pick up in Cheltenham.

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