Transport yourself back to the golden age of classic American muscle cars by hiring this original '69 SS Camaro.

1969 SS Chevy Camaro 

This original '69 SS Camaro is a stylish, powerful car that offers the ultimate muscle car experience.

The 1969 Camaro was voted by Camaro owners as the best Camaro of all time and with good reason. More than 230,000 Camaros with eighty different factory options were produced. The Camaro had a name for performance and was backed by a network of after service representatives that helped this classic muscle car to leap to o fame among a generation of muscle car devotees.


Of the various models offered by Chevrolet in 1969, the SS Camaro was the most all round appealing, being built for balanced performance.

This outstanding vehicle will transport you back in time to the golden age of muscle cars.  The ‘69 Camaro was more than just another Chevrolet; it was a car with attitude that ushered in a golden age of American muscle cars.


This original '69 SS Camaro is a stylish, powerful car that offers the ultimate muscle car experience.   When you hire the Camaro, you get to sample what it was like being king of the road back in the glorious late sixties – a time that seems almost mythical with Woodstock, Hendrix, Vietnam and Camaro Mustang rivalry that has been raging for fifty years.

Where the previous years' Camaro's had boasted smooth, rounded lines, for the '69 model, Chevy went with a heavily creased, sportier look. A redesigned grille featured deeply inset headlights.  And the vehicle took on a more aggressive appearance with new door skins, rear quarter panels, and a rear valance panel.


This outstanding vehicle will give you the ultimate feel of the golden age of classic American cars.

It's the perfect car for weddings, parades, and other special occasions.  To arrange your hiring of our 69 SS Camaro call 0415422221to book now.

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