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Enjoy the thrill of driving this prime example of the classic American sportscar of the 70s, the Chevrolet Corvette.

1973 Chevrolet Corvette



If you want to make a big impression with a classic car, you should consider the classic Chev Corvette. You can arrange Chev Corvette hire in Melbourne through Classic Cars.   Whatever the occasion, you are sure to turn heads when you take this incredible car on the road.

Imagine the pure joy of driving this prime example of the modern American classic, the Chevy Corvette. Simply, one of the most beautiful looking cars ever built, is a real head turner, powerful and lots of fun to drive. 
When you choose to hire our 1973 Chev Corvette you will be blown away by its presence, power and feel.  You will experience the very real thrill of driving one of the ultimate American sports cars of all time let alone its generation. This corvette is primarily an American sports car - something not lost on Corvette devotees then or now. A review by Car and Driver in 1973 proclaimed that the Corvette was the only true American sports car of that time.

This iconic model - classified as the C3 as it was the third generation of the Chevrolet Corvette - features everything that people loved most about the American sports car throughout the 70s, including the famous 454 cubic inch (7.4 litre) 'big block' engine.

Widely considered by Corvette aficionados as the best of the classic C3 series, the 1973 Corvette is an iconic piece of automotive history that still turns heads and performs like a sports car should well over four decades since it was built.


We rent out this exceptional, head-turning sports car on a daily basis. It's perfect for a special event or day out, photo shoots, corporate events, weddings, formals, or just for the thrill of driving it!

15% off the 2nd day hire. 25% off the 3rd day


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