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The Bentley is one of our most popular wedding cars

People love to drive the Bentley Continental GT – and who can blame them? It looks fantastic, the 12-cylinder twin-turbo engine sounds awesome, and it’s amazingly comfortable for both the driver and passengers.

We’re not surprised that this is one of our most popular wedding cars. A bride deserves to feel special, and the Bentley Continental GT is pretty much guaranteed to make that happen. Just look at these happy smiles!

Most of the time, everyone in the wedding party calls ‘shotgun’ because no-one wants to miss out on a ride in this beauty.

That’s probably why we often rent it out for a few days after a wedding. If it’s not for the bride and groom to start their honeymoon in style, it’s for someone else in the bridal party to head down the coast for a cruisy weekend.


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