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Live out your childhood dreams in this immaculate '67 Mustang, the ultimate Classic American Muscle Car.​

1967 Mustang Fastback

                                                                 (PERMANENTLY UNAVAILABLE) 

This iconic American muscle car, made famous by Steve McQueen in the movie Bullitt, is a gorgeous vehicle that's even better to drive than to look at.


These mass-produced Mustangs completely redefined American cars giving rise to a whole new genre - the ‘pony car’ - spawning classics like the Chevy Camaro and Pontiac Firebird.


“How do you improve on a classic?” Asked the Ford sales brochures when the 1967 Mustang was released. “How do you add excitement to an American original - an original which is already the most exciting and most acclaimed car in history ?” They then pointed to subtle body changes and interior enhancements, claiming that the new 67 Mustang was indeed new while remaining unmistakably “Mustang.”  


This was one sales brochure that hit the nail on the head. The Mustang delivers loads of power, class and has the Mustang mystique in spades. 


Everyone’s got their favourite American muscle car, but when it comes to history, performance, and classic lines it's hard to go past the Ford Mustang. By 1967 the Mustangs had already reached mythical status. The '67 model was a little bigger, a touch wider, and had a bigger engine. It was also quite a bit more powerful. 


Not only was it longer, heavier and more powerful, but the 67 Mustang had undergone a reworking of its suspension and braking system , making the ride smoother and the car safer to drive than earlier models.


In recent years this particular model of Mustang has experienced a surge in popularity, perhaps in part due to the role this car has played in movies like Fast and Furious and the remake of Gone in Sixty Seconds.


Whatever the reason, there isn’t any donut that the combination of American sports car styling, powerful appearance and even greater performance makes this car an attractive and sought after motor vehicle by classic car enthusiasts.



This surely has to be the best looking of all the Mustangs, so don't pass up a chance to drive it. Book it now for a special occasion or just a memorable day out.

67 Sales Brochure

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