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This 1972 Corvette Stingray is a real head turner.  Arrange your Corvette Stingray hire today

1972 Corvette Stingray

This stunning 1972 Corvette Stingray is sure to turn heads. The style, shape and colour of this classic American muscle car have all the essential elements that made the seventies great.

Our sunflower yellow Stingray is sure to catch the eye. The classic corvette lines and overall muscle car vibe simply can’t be ignored. 

​This car is much more than a pose machine (although it does the job in that area, as you will find out when you take it for a spin.) Reviews at the time labelled the corvette as a phenomenal performer and great value for money, with glowing endorsements for its handling in particular.

Corvettes were renowned for several key characteristics other than their distinctive appearance.

They were the only mass produced muscle cars at the time that were built with a fibreglass body and their engines were known to be robust and reliable.

Part of what is known as the C3 corvette era (1968-1982) the 1972 Stingray marked a turning point for the corvette as a changing market saw the car marketed more as a sports touring car than an out and out muscle car after this point.

Our sports coupe version was by far the most popular version sold in 1972.

C3 Corvettes all have the same distinctive body style which was born from an earlier “Mako Shark” model. The change in body shape earned this range of corvettes the C3  or third generation label.  

Despite appearing to be a little short on room, you will find that the interior is surprisingly comfortable, and well appointed. The driver has access to an outstanding dashboard with a large tacho and speedo placed immediately before  the driver.

The corvette is an iconic car brand,it evokes a sense of power and American exceptionalism combined with a touch of new world brashness and bravado. The early seventies model corvettes helped to establish the brand and the car’s place in the public’s consciousness. 

We rent out this beautifully-maintained car on a daily basis. It's perfect for weddings, other special occasions or just a weekend cruise down the highway.

Arrange your booking today and discover the head turning power of this amazing car.

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