Bentley Continental GT
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This stunning First Generation Bentley Continental GT offers ultimate luxury and performance. With its powerful V12 twin turbo engine, it offers an unequaled level of power, comfort, class, and style.

From the moment that the first Bentley Continental hit the market in 2003, these cars have redefined the term grand tourer. 

With the Bentley legacy dating back to the classic tourers of the 1950s,this car had a huge reputation to live up to. It surpassed it by a good margin.


The first edition  Bentley Continental GT was an example of classic automotive engineering, combining  the unique Bentley design principles with cutting edge technology to deliver a superb motor vehicle. Bentley managed to marry their engineering excellence with supercar-like performance that captured the hearts and minds of a generation of car lovers. 

The car is powered by a 6-litre twin-turbocharged 12-cylinder engine in W formation and it delivers real power - 550 bhp to be precise the car is reportedly capable of reaching speeds of 100 km/h from a standing start in .8 seconds. It is capable of a top speed in excess of 300 km/h. Its six-speed transmission combined with all wheel drive capability make for a smooth balanced ride and assured handling.

Then you have to consider how the Continental GT looks. It really is eye candy for car lovers with sleek, muscular lines and all the sophisticated design that you would naturally associate with a Bentley. The first generation Continental GT looks as  fresh today as when it was built. What’s more it still  and still looks like a luxury grand tourer that still carries a price tag in excess of $100,000.

This car has to be seen and experienced in all its glory to truly appreciate what it offers. Drink in the understated but perfectly balanced sense of luxury and power. Feel the interior space, touch the fine wood veneers. Understand the craftsmanship that went into creating this amazing vehicle.

We rent out this beautifully-maintained car on a daily basis. It makes the perfect wedding hire car and is suitable for  formals, and other special occasions from only $245 per day!

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